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COMMUNITY: Broncos Country votes - FAQs

Is the Denver Broncos Voter Registration Drive an approved drive?

  • As approved by Colorado's Secretary of State's Office, the Denver Broncos are an official registration drive organization. Please click here for a list of all 2020 Approved Voter Registration Drives in the state of Colorado.

I am already registered to vote. How do I update my voter registration?

  • If you are already a registered voter in Colorado, you may confirm your registration by visiting Once your registration is verified, you may update your address and party affiliation as well.
  • If your voter registration is inactive, you may change your inactive status by submitting a signed request, an online voter registration application, or making an in-person request.

I am not sure of my voter registration status. How do I check my status?

  • If you are unsure of your voter registration status in Colorado, please click here to find your voter registration status.

What is the voter registration deadline?

  • Colorado voters may register through Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 3). Please note that how you register to vote will impact how you receive your ballot.

To receive your ballot by mail:

  • Register to vote or update your voter registration online through the 8th day before day (Monday, Oct. 26);
  • Submit an application through the mail, at a voter registration agency, or at a local driver's license examination facility through the 8th day before Election Day; or
  • Submit an application through an in-person voter registration drive no later than 22 days (Monday, Oct. 12) before Election Day.
  • If you miss the above deadlines, you may register in-person at a voter service and polling center in your county through Election Day.

How can I find my polling location?

  • All Colorado general, primary, odd-year, coordinated, recall, and congressional vacancy elections are now conducted by mail ballot. If you want to vote at a polling location, you can find your polling location by visiting

Where can I find more information?

  • For all other questions regarding voting in the state of Colorado, please click here.