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Children's Hospital Colorado Jr. Reporter: Tyler Crawford

Tyler Crawford visited with tight end Jeff Heuerman and other Broncos ahead of Denver's game vs. the Chargers. (Photos: Gabriel Christus)

This was one of the best days of my life because I got to meet some of the Denver Broncos and interview a player. When I got there, we got to take a tour of the practice field and their locker rooms. They didn't smell at all. Then after that we went to the training center and we saw the Super Bowl trophies. They were really cool! Then we got to see where the whole team gathers for meetings. We went to the cafeteria to see where the players eat. Then we got to watch the practice. After practice, some players stopped to say hi and to sign my football and helmet. The players who signed my things were Demaryius Thomas, Garett Boles, Jeff Heuerman, Von Miller, Jordan Taylor, Ron Leary and some others whose handwriting I can't read.

I got to interview Jeff Heuerman! I was really excited and a little nervous. When he came over to me, here's what I asked him:


Me: "How young were you when you started playing football?"

Jeff said he started playing football when he was in 9th grade.

Me: "If you were not playing in the NFL, what would you be doing?"

Jeff said he would be a lawyer because his dad and uncle were lawyers.

Me: "Is it scary playing in front of lots of people?"

Jeff said it is when you first play, but then you learn to tune it out.

Me: "What college did you go to?

Jeff said he went to Ohio State and he played football for them.

When I asked him about what car he drove I was surprised that he didn't say a Lamborghini or a Hummer. But his car is still better than my dad's. Jeff says he is a good fisherman, but I can't be sure of that unless he actually shows me a picture of a fish he caught. My dad says he is a very smart man, because when I asked him who he would most like to have dinner with, he said he would most like to have dinner with his girlfriend.


While I was waiting to interview Jeff Heuerman, Garett Bolles sat down by me and started asking me about my day and how I was doing. Then he reached down and took off his cleats, and said, "You can have these. … This was the first and only time I have ever worn them anyway." Then he wrote me a nice message on the cleats and signed his name. He is super big and has a very deep voice. He makes my dad look as tall as a first grader standing next to him.

Jeff Heuerman was so cool and nice. It was so fun to talk to professional football players and have them ask me questions. My day started off not so good because I had to go to the hospital and have a CT scan… but after that, I was able to spend the afternoon with the Denver Broncos, and that made it the best day ever! Go Broncos!

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