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Broncos select their My Cause My Cleats campaigns for 2017

The Broncos will wear special, customized cleats this week in support of a charity of their choosing as part of the NFL's My Cause, My Cleats initiative. (Photos by Scott Ward)

C.J. Anderson: Stomach cancer and bone cancer

If you could tell those affected by your cause one message, what would it be?Keep fighting strong.

Cause: Learning disabilities
Why did you choose this cause? I grew up with a learning disability and people constantly told me what I would never be able to accomplish. I choose this cause because I want everyone with learning disabilities to know that you can succeed. Chase your dreams. Don't let anyone hold you back.

New RB Jamaal Charles and QB Trevor Siemian were just two of the Broncos who supported the NFL's PLAY 60 initiative and Special Olympics Colorado during Tuesday's All-Ability Clinic. (Photos by Aric DiLalla, unless noted)

Jamaal Charles: Special Olympics

Why did you choose this cause? I was a Special Olympics participant as a child, and it encouraged me to work hard and always try my best. It's always been a cause that's very close to my heart.

Cause:Military appreciation
If you could tell those affected by your cause one message, what would it be? I, along with many others, are so appreciative of the sacrifice your loved one made for me and our country.

Cause: Rare-disease awareness
Why did you choose this cause? My teammates at Syracuse started the Uplifting Athletes Chapter at Syracuse in honor of a close friend, teammate and mentor, Rob Long. I became close with Rob during and after his battle with brain cancer, a rare disease, and it opened my eyes to the obstacles that rare-disease patients face and I want to use my platform to be a voice for the 30 million Americans that suffer from rare diseases each year.

Cause:Pediatric brain tumors
Why did you choose this cause? I've chosen to highlight the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation after learning that a coach's son at the University of Florida was diagnosed with brain cancer. His name was Colby Young, son to Bryant Young of the 49ers. Colby unfortunately passed in 2016. My best friend's daughter, Kimmora, was also diagnosed with brain cancer and is still fighting hard today. I know how difficult and scary this condition may be, as my mother had a brain tumor removed when I was a child. These people are very near and dear to my heart and I want them their stories to be heard. Team Colby, Kimmora Strong.

Adam Gotsis: Around the Campfire

Cause: Awareness for indigenous hardships faced in Australia
This cause empowers me to … go out and be an impact in the community and help those in less fortunate circumstances.

Virgil Green: Fuel Up to Play 60

Cause:Encouraging youth to lead healthy lives with nutrition and physical activity
This cause empowers me to … be a positive voice in the community.

Chris Harris Jr.: Chris Harris Jr. Foundation

Cause: At-risk youth and underdogs
Why did you choose this cause? I feel like I was an underdog my whole life, even in the NFL, and I want to be an inspiration and give hope to kids who may be in the same situation.

Cause: Children's Hospital Colorado
This cause empowers me to … use my platform to brighten someone's day.

Cause: Empowering youth to learn by example
Why did you choose this cause? I believe that every young person has the power to make a positive impact on this world if they have proper guidance. I want to lead by example and be a role model for the youth in all of the communities that helped me to become the man I am today.   

Cause:Youth leadership and domestic violence prevention
Why did you choose this cause? I love the kids and I am passionate about the success of the youth. 

Cause: Elderly care
Why did you choose this cause? My grandmother was the sole person that raised me and through that, her friends — who were of course elderly and much older than me — became very important to me and I saw so many struggles the elderly face.

This cause empowers me to … make a change in others lives and give others a reason to smile when they wake up everyday.

Miller hosted his annual Von Miller's Celebrity Steak Out at the Denver Ritz-Carlton to help Denver youth with their eyesight. (Photos by Aric DiLalla)

Von Miller: Von's Vision

Cause: Vision care and lupus awareness
This cause empowers me to … for Von's Vision, I am empowered to help children with the gift of sight. For lupus, the cause empowers me to do something for my brother who has lupus.

Brock Osweiler: Honor House

Cause: Military appreciation
Why did you choose this cause? To help support the men and women who dedicate so much to our great country.

Domata Peko Sr.: Save the Children

Cause: Childhood poverty
This cause empowers me to … be a better person and to show love to everyone, especially the youth, because they are the future. 

Cause: Diabetes awareness, Shane's Shoes program
Why did you choose this cause?I have a responsibility given my platform to give to those without a voice and opportunity. Rays Awareness gives me that platform. My family has been affected by diabetes and I'm also a proud #TeamTackle ambassador for them.

Emmanuel Sanders: Emmanuel Sanders Foundation

Cause: Financially disadvantaged kids
Why did you choose this cause? I want to help kids who are going through the same situation that I did when I was growing up. There were people in my life who gave me the resources to play sports, got me tutor and provided the basic necessities and I am forever grateful for those people in my life. With my foundation, I want to do the same for these kids – to be a mentor to them and teach them about important life fundamentals.

After Monday's practice ended, quarterback Trevor Siemian headed to Children's Hospital Colorado to visit with patients and share both his time and a smile. (Photos: Aric DiLalla)

Cause:Pediatric cancer
If you could tell those affected by your cause one message, what would it be? I would tell the kids to stay strong they've got the Broncos behind them.

Cause: Youth development and education
Why did you choose this cause: I saw the lack of funding for extracurricular and educational endeavors with underprivileged youth.

Aqib Talib: Yellow Jackets United

Cause: Motivating kids to chase their dreams!
Why did you choose your cause? Because I was one of many kids always told how impossible it was to make it to the NFL. Too many kids are told what they can't do so we do the opposite.

Demaryius Thomas: Bountiful Hope Foundation

Cause: Kids with incarcerated parents, orphans in South Africa
If you could tell those affected by your cause one message, what would it be?Keep your head up.

DeMarcus Walker: Children's Hospital Colorado

Cause: Stuttering
Why did you choose this cause? I dealt with a stuttering problem as a child and Children's Hospital Colorado has a great speech therapy group that helps children with the same issue.

Menelik Watson: Children's Heart Foundation

Cause: Children's heart disease
This cause empowers me to … raise more awareness to a fact that more children die a year from CHD than all forms of child cancer

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