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Broncos relive back-to-school memories


The Denver Broncos partnered with King Soopers on Monday to provide 15 kids from the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club with a school supplies shopping spree. (Photos by Aric DiLalla)

PARKER, Colo. -- **The Denver Broncos went shopping in style on Monday.

A handful of players, including quarterback Mark Sanchez, joined kids for the inaugural "Back to School with the Broncos" event at King Soopers Marketplace.

Fifteen members from the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls club were selected based on need to participate in the event, and they each received a $200 gift card for school supplies and clothing. Each child also received a meal to take with them following the event.

After the Broncos helped the kids find everything from scissors and glue sticks to jeans and tennis shoes, they shared some of their own favorite memories from their childhood.

CB Aqib Talib on his strategy for the first day of school:

"I didn't get to do any of this when I was going back to school. It was real regular for me. I was always into fashion as much as possible. I remember when I got older, like 11th, 12th grade, 10th grade, I used to steal my brother's clothes and wear his clothes on the first day of school."

DE Vance Walker on his favorite school supplies to buy:

"All the composition books. And I used to secretly draw in them. Don't tell my teachers, because they wouldn't be happy about that. That's probably why I struggled with math. But the composition books, because they're really good for drawing. Don't tell the little kids that either. ... I was never really into clothes. I just liked the pencils and all the little gear that you get. I never really cared for the clothes."

RB Kapri Bibbs on his love for clothes:

"My favorite back-to-school memory was clothes shopping. Just going through there and getting some nice clothes to wear for the first day of school. I always loved clothes as a kid. ... I did have a favorite t-shirt I liked to wear. It was a Captain America shirt. I used to wear it all the time. It had the other guys of Marvel in the back, so that was my favorite. I liked clothes, though. I love clothes."

CB Kayvon Webster on the importance of the outfit on the first day of school:

"We just used to get a couple shoes, a couple clothes to wear for that first week, and then you've got to mix it up. ... It depends, if you're going to a uniformed school, then it doesn't really matter. If you're going to a school that didn't wear a uniform, then that first day outfit is definitely getting picked out"

WR Bennie Fowler on school memories with his mom:

"I always loved coming back, when my mom would take me shopping and things like that. That was always a big memory for me, and things like that. Just buying a whole bunch of school supplies and getting ready for the start of the school year."

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