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Broncos partner with Sports Authority for 'Shop with a Bronco'


LONE TREE, Colo.** – In the spirit of the holiday season, the Denver Broncos partnered with Sports Authority to treat members of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver to a special shopping event, "Shop with a Bronco," Tuesday night.

Sports Authority donated $125 gift cards to 45 kids selected from 15 different branches of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver to help them complete their holiday shopping list for their families and for themselves.

The 45 children were selected for their leadership and outstanding work within their respective club.

The Broncos helped members of local Boys and Girls Clubs of Denver shop at Sports Authority Tuesday night. Outstanding leaders in their clubs, the kids received a discount and $125 gift cards to spend.

"These kids worked hard and earned their position to come here today to get gift cards [and] to be able to have a little fun," said rookie outside linebacker Shane Ray. "We came and just brought some excitement and had fun with kids. It's fun to go around -- I can't remember the last time I went and bought toys. To see what kids are buying more these days and thinking about what I used to get when I was that age is kind of funny, but I had a great time."

Veteran tight end Vernon Davis was also on hand to interact with the Denver community after joining the Broncos in a trade just a few weeks ago.

"I feel like it's very, very important to get out in the community and give back," Davis said. "Your presence as a Denver Bronco, it means a lot to kids, not only to the kids, but to the community and just for them to be able to just see you, touch you, and now that you exist."

Thirteen players including Ray, Davis and cornerback Bradley Roby helped the kids in their respective groups peruse the aisles of Sports Authority.

"My guys got footballs, basketballs, NERF guns, helicopters, walkie-talkies, voice changers – they got everything! They went in on the toy section," Ray said.

Davis was also able to help both the boys and the girls in his branch pick out something special.

"The girls wanted these tights with 'Just Do It' on the leg," Davis said. "Then I went with little Caden, he wanted to go get shoes. He wanted the black and white Lebron's, but they didn't have them. So we went all the back over here where we started and he found some shirts and sweats and I think it made his day and he was happy after that."

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