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Broncos make Super Bowl predictions

After the Pro Bowl on Jan. 29, five Broncos took their pick between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

Von Miller:"It's a pick-em. If Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and Co., if they're on, it's going to be hard to stop those guys. And Matt Ryan, Vic Beasley, Julio Jones — if they're on, I don't really see anybody stopping those guys. So it's going to come down to three minutes in that game, and it's going to be a good one."


Aqib Talib:** "Well, I heard New England's wearing the white jerseys. And I heard they got Tom Brady. So I'm going to go with New England."

"The best offense we played this year was Atlanta, but I can't [pick] against Tom or those white jerseys."

Chris Harris Jr.: "I'm going to go with the Patriots, just 'cause [they have] the No. 1 passing defense."

*On the best offense the Broncos faced: *"I would say Atlanta, they were the best offense that we faced. They're just so young in the secondary, I don't know how they're going to fare vs. Brady. So that's another reason why I'm going to go with New England."

Darian Stewart: "Tom [Brady] is tough, man. So Atlanta's gotta come with it to beat him. It's going to be tough. I hate to say it, but the Patriots."

On whether Atlanta was the best offense the Broncos faced: "Oh, yeah, absolutely. They have a lot of weapons and a hell of a quarterback. They're explosive. That's going to be a good test for that defense."

Demaryius Thomas: "I really don't care [who wins], cause I ain't playing in it. Both of 'em are great teams. It's going to be exciting."

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