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Broncos keep in touch with suspended Aqib Talib

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --Aqib Talib cannot be at the UCHealth Training Center as he serves his one-game suspension for poking Colts TE Dwayne Allen in the eye. But he and his teammates are still keeping in touch.

His fellow cornerback, Chris Harris Jr., said he's talking with Talib on a daily basis. Outside linebacker Von Miller said he texted with Talib during a team meeting Wednesday.


Talib will be missed Sunday. He was missed Wednesday and Thursday, too.

"That's our guy," Miller said. "The energy just is not the same without him. That's our guy. Life is just good with Talib and it's contagious. It rubs off on me, T.J. and the whole locker room.

"It definitely feels strange not having him, but we'll have him back in a couple of days. We'll have that cornerback back, the cornerback we're used to."

But in the moment, Talib aches at the knowledge of what his action cost the team -- both in Indianapolis and this Sunday against the Chiefs. With DeMarcus Ware still sidelined because of a back problem, the Broncos are set to face their AFC West rivals without two Pro Bowlers.

"Man, he's hurt. He's definitely disappointed in himself," said Harris, who has known Talib for eight years, since their days together at the University of Kansas.

The Broncos returned back to outdoor practice on Thursday following Wednesday's snow.

"You know how it is, when you feel like you let the whole team down. For one, he felt like he let us down in the game, because we still had a chance to get the ball back, and then just not being able to play. So he feels bad."

Those feelings likely won't fade by Sunday, but Miller believes that Talib will find an outlet in time spent helping kids.

"He has a little-league football team that's great. It's one of the best teams in Dallas, so I imagine that he'll be at practice a little bit with those guys," Miller said. "It's kind of a pleasant surprise for them to be able to see him. That's what I imagine that he's doing right now."

It might not be the NFL -- atlhough it would still be football. But the Broncos' defense -- and its corner of the locker room -- isn't quite the same without him.

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