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Broncos High School Game of the Week: Friday, Oct. 27


Elizabeth vs. Burlington

Friday, September 1, 2023

Location: Elizabeth High School

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Matchup Estes Park Flatirons Academy
Mascot Bobcats Bison
Classification 1A 1A
Record 4-4 4-4
Football State Titles 0 0
Roster Size 30 29
Offense Spread / Air Attack Flexbone Triple Option
Defense 3-3 Stack Multiple
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Coaching Statistics Estes Park Flatirons Academy
Head Coach Aaron Carlson v
Years as HC 4 9
Years as HS Coach 5 21
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Players to Watch: Estes Park Flatirons Academy
Ryland Reetz, QB, SR Parker Wilson, QB/S, JR
Jose Gonzales, WR, SR Judah Burgess, RB/DB, JR
Kenny Cromer, MLB, SR Sean Austerman, OL/DL, JR
Calvin Larson, DE, SR James Broadworth, OL/DL, SR

Quotes from Estes Park Head Coach Aaron Carlson:

Thoughts on the Estes Park season thus far:
AC: I'm very proud of the players this year because this group has had to overcome so much adversity. Injuries have really hurt our season and at one point, we had as many as 10 starters on the sideline. We lost 5 in just one game. But they have battled all season long and I'm very proud of how they have competed each and every week. The results haven't been what we wanted but I'm very proud of how they have pushed all season long.

What are the goals for Estes Park from here on out?
AC: We have one more regular season game this Friday and then we'll have to wait and see what happens for the postseason. I don't know the ins and outs of the RPI algorithm but I'm pretty sure we need some help this week, above and beyond getting a win. All we can do at this point is take care of business on Friday and then see what happens.

What do you like most about this group of players?
AC: The seniors we have now, I came in as the head coach when they were freshmen. It's been great to see them grow as football players, as teammates, get bigger, stronger, faster, and just get better as football players. I love their heart, and while we fell short of where we wanted to be record wise this season, I truly appreciate the effort they have put into this year. I'm very proud of this group.

Thoughts on Friday's matchup with Flatirons Academy:AC: Flatirons is easily one of the best coached teams that we face each year. We play them every year and we've yet to beat them since I've been here. They are very disciplined, tough and we'll have to be at our very best this Friday to get the win. But we'll give it everything we've got and we're looking forward to the atmosphere. I can't speak for them, but I know for me and our team, we consider Flatirons a rival.

Quotes from Flatirons Academy Head Coach Jared Wallen:

Thoughts on the Flatirons Academy season thus far:
JW: You know, we've had a mix of success and failure this year which is great for a young team. We have a lot of freshmen playing both ways this season, which is great for the future, but tough on those kids this season. I'm proud of this team and our numbers are growing, which is essential to building a consistent program. It's not always about wins and losses but more about coming together as a team and individual improvement.

What are the goals for Flatirons Academy from here on out?
JW: I think we're out for having a chance a league championship and I'm not sure how many teams from our league will play in the postseason. For us with one game left to play, it's about finishing the season with a winning record (5-4) and beating a very good Estes Park team on Friday. Finishing the season on a high note will be a nice building block for next season.

What do you like most about this group of players?
JW: It's been a very low drama group. Very selfless. There's not a player in that locker room that believes that they are more important than the team. And they have great resiliency. I've been coaching a long time and after a loss on Friday might, I'm still grumpy on Monday. But this group has a way of picking me up and helping me get ready for the next game. They are way more resilient than I am.

Thoughts on Friday's matchup with Estes Park:JW: I'm excited for it. We've had a pretty good rivalry with Estes Park over the past few years. They are very explosive on offense and as the defensive coordinator, they're scary to coach against because any play can be a touchdown. They have a great venue and I'm expecting a great atmosphere. Every game we've played against Estes has been tight and Friday should be no different. Just hoping we can compete and make it a four-quarter game.

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