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Broncos High School Coach of the Week: Jesse German, Green Mountain

Jesse German Cropped

The Green Mountain Rams have had one of the most dominant regular seasons and have a chance to capture their first state title since 1999.

They're the only remaining undefeated team in the 3A class and are ranked No. 2 heading into the final week of their regular season. They've won their first nine contests by an average score of 47-3.

The Rams' worst game in terms of offensive output saw them score 28 points. Meanwhile Green Mountain's defense has allowed a total of 30 points all season, 14 of which came in a single game.

The man behind this gridiron juggernaut is head coach Jesse German — this week's Denver Broncos High School Football Coach of the Week.

— Zach Segars @ CHSAANow

Photo Credit: Green Mountain High School

Overall record at Green Mountain: 49-16
Overall record as a head coach: 49-16
Previous coaching positions:
AAU Houston Texans (Texas) - Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator
St. Francis Episcopal (Texas) - Seventh Grade Head Coach
St. Thomas (Texas) - Cornerback Coach and Freshman Head Coach
Bear Creek - Wide Receiver Coach and Special Teams Coordinator
Northfield - Head Coach
Green Mountain - Defensive Coordinator

Why do you coach high school sports?

I coach high school sports because it's a fulfilling profession. It has a valuable impact on those involved, teaching teamwork, perseverance, dedication, selflessness, and responsibility. Especially young people at one of the most pivotal points in the development. I've witnessed football, on several occasions, create new opportunities and skills (confidence, responsibility, and commitment etc.) for kids when they really need it.

Why do you coach the way you coach?

I coach the way I do because I have a strong sense of responsibility towards our players, team, and program. Our objective is not only to develop talented football players, but also to shape outstanding individuals and leaders. I approach coaching with enthusiasm and passion because I want a team that reflects that energy. I challenge everyone to consistently do their best, high expectations yield growth.

What is a lesson you try to impart on your athletes?

Growth requires discomfort and setbacks. If we consistently approach the process with a growth mindset we will develop the grit required for future success. Don't compare yourself to a senior when you are a sophomore. You are writing your own story, make today count.

What are you most proud of so far this season?

Above all, I am most proud of our team's selflessness this season. Our players prioritize the team's success over personal achievement. They don't focus on individual achievements like scoring, tackling, but team and unit success. This selflessness extends beyond the field to our community. Our players engage with elementary and middle schools, greeting students and attending little league games to show support.

What has been the key to Green Mountain's tremendous run this season?

It is difficult to pinpoint a single key factor in Green Mountain's tremendous run. Ultimately, our culture and the collective effort of the people involved in our program play a crucial role. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to coach these exceptional individuals. Going back to 2018, our players have fully embraced our standards and values. Our offseason training has greatly benefited us in terms of both avoiding injuries and improving performance. We have an outstanding coaching staff, second to none, that not only fosters our culture but also demands the best as individuals and football players. We have unwavering support from our parents. Ultimately, it takes the contribution of every single person involved to create the opportunity for greatness.

What is your goal for the remainder of this season?

The goal for the rest of the season is simple: everyone works to exceed their current standards. We can put in more effort and energy, face adversity with a smile, and do things the right way, all for the sake of our teammates. Each day, we can all find one thing we can improve upon.

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