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Broncos High School Coach of the Week: Jeremy Hayden


When a team is undefeated and ranked in the top-five of their classification, i''s hard to be considered an underdog.

However, for the 3A Northridge football team, they could have been considered that as they had the tall task of playing up against 5¬A Rangeview last weekend.

The Grizzlies were more than up to the task, however, rolling to a 56-0 victory to secure the first 5-0 start to a season for the program since 2012, and the program's first five-game winning streak since 2014.

For helping navigate his team through a difficult matchup, and by leading them to a benchmark start to the season, Northridge head coach Jeremy Hayden is this week's Broncos High School Coach of the Week.

Since taking over the program at the start of the 2019 season, Hayden has led the Grizzlies back to the playoffs for the first time since 2014 last season, and now has the team looking for unprecedented success this year. Northridge has never reached a football championship game, but this season might just result in some more program history.

Jeremy Hayden bio

Overall record at Northridge: 18-14

Overall record as head coach: 18-14

Previous coaching positions: RB & TE/OT coach at the University of Northern Colorado

Quotes from Jeremy Hayden

Why do you coach?

Hayden: I love building relationships with our kids!! I coach to give back to our community and the kids in our program. I think that football teaches so many life lessons. I love kids and just want to make our community and our football programs better. I love seeing kids' faces light up when they feel that sense of accomplishment when something seemed so impossible before. I love pushing myself and our program to new heights that most people thought were unattainable.

Why do you coach the way that you coach?

Hayden: I coach my players hard and demand a lot from them. Expectations are very high here at Northridge. I hold them accountable and love them unconditionally. I feel this is the best way to help young boys and girls become better men and women of the future. Leading their families someday with love, respect, a tremendous work ethic and a never quit mentality. I would like to say that I feel I'm a player's coach. 

What do you think it's like to be coached by you?

Hayden: It's gotta be difficult at times, but also very rewarding when they achieve success. I think they have fun playing for me. Like I said, I demand a lot from them. But I hope they know it's with love that I do that. 

What has been your favorite memory from being the HC at Northridge?

Hayden: Going 5-0 against cross town rivals the past 4 seasons.

What does the sport of football and this team mean to your community?

Hayden: It means everything. Our community comes out to support our kids and our kids continuously give back to our community with give back days. Our kids take pride in our community and also take pride in being a productive member of it. We clean up trash around the community, help serve dinner to people of need, and read to our elementary students in their schools.

Defeating a 5A school as a 3A program is no easy task, what did it take for your team to get that win?

Hayden: This team is the most committed team I have ever coached. They all love one another more than the game of football and it shows on the field. All week long we had the best week of practice, and they were completely locked in to the game plan. Lastly, they just BELIEVE they can win those kinds of games.

With the programs first five game winning streak since 2014 this season, and the first playoff appearance since 2014 last season, describe what it has taken to get this team from where it was when you first started to where it is today?

Hayden: First of all it takes great kids to make any coach successful. I have the hardest working and most committed kids in the country!! Then it takes an amazing staff. I have been fortunate enough to coach with some amazing leaders of young men and women. My staff is one of the best I have ever worked with. I have also been fortunate to work with and be mentored by some of the best coaches in the country, one of them being Coach Kay Dalton!! They have helped me every step of the way. Another reason is, since I got here the administration has been unbelievable and has helped put me in a position to be successful. Lastly, we have tremendous parent and booster club support who go to bat for me and get our team everything they need to be successful. It's been an all-around blessing to be the head coach at Northridge.

Story Written By: Dan Whitaker/

Photo Credit: Cara Hubbard

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