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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018

All three units played a part in committing 120 yards in penalties.

"(Joseph) wanted to show us and we watched all of the clips that didn't go our way, why they didn't go our way and he showed us how exactly we need to fix it," said right guard Connor McGovern, who had two penalties. "Not a good game for us by any means."

Said Joseph: "We can't talk around penalties, we have to own them. They called them so we have to own them."

As much as Joseph wants to move on from 2017, the similarities between their losing season and their performance at Baltimore were too great to ignore. But as they try to turn the page to Week 4 and their Monday night meeting with Kansas City, Joseph reiterated the Broncos' faith in Keenum and stressed patience.

Worried about their quarterback?

"I'm not," Joseph said. "And again, this is Case's first time being 'the guy' right out of the gate. I think Case is going to play better and better with time. He missed practice on Wednesday (last week) and that could have affected how fast he played with the ball. But I am not concerned. He does so many good things during the game, it keeps you hopeful that he's going to play better and better as we go along here. That's a tough defense to prepare for. They gave us some different looks that we weren't prepared for. We adjusted, obviously. He didn't play perfect, but he didn't play bad either."


If the Broncos are going to pull off the upset over the Chiefs this week, they'll probably need this group to bring the type of heat on Mahomes that he hasn't seen this season. All-everything linebacker Von Miller and his rookie running mate Bradley Chubb will surely be looking to lead that charge Sunday.

Rookie linebacker Josey Jewell made a coverage play down the field against the Ravens' Andrews, but Kelce is a far more difficult matchup in those downfield situations. Kelce already has two 100-yard games this season -- 109 against the Steelers and 114 in Week 3 against the 49ers -- as the pedal-to-the-metal Chiefs lead the league in scoring (39.3 points per game).

"Those are the kind of physical mismatches for a lot of safeties and definitely for a lot of linebackers," Joseph said. "You need a plan where you treat a player like that like a wide receiver, as far as where you put the help. And always you have to rush the passer, speed the quarterback up back there. It's not just one guy or one thing, you have to get a lot of things in place because those kind of players demand it."