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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018

These Broncos, however, insist that their 2-0 record has a different feel because of a "culture change" and unquantifiable trait that has kept them alive until the final whistle.

"The thing that's really encouraging is the grit that this team has," general manager John Elway said Tuesday on the Broncos' partnering radio station, Orange and Blue 760. "They're competitive and they keep battling back even when things go against them. They don't duck their head. They keep battling and keep competing and I think that's what we've seen the first two weeks. It's the most encouraging thing that can be said really about the first two weeks is the fact that we didn't give up and didn't let the mistakes overcome us and were able to figure out how to win football games. ... That's the exciting thing, because if you got that, you know you're always going to have a chance to win some football games."

It's a group that has quickly won over teammates with a no-nonsense approach and an attention to details. It's a noticeable departure from the previous two draft classes that had a selection of players who were often criticized by teammates for lacking in those areas. Some of the team's veteran players had gone as far as to use the word "entitled." Broncos linebacker Von Miller, a team captain, indicated how much differently this group of younger players is viewed in the locker room after Sunday's win when he was asked about the team's leadership.

"It's not really about the six or five captains that we have," Miller said. "Honestly, the rookies and the new guys that we have, they are playing lights out. They gave us a hell of a boost on offense and defense. If we look at some of the things that Phillip Lindsay did for us today, and Tim Patrick and Courtland Sutton, all those guys, they weren't here last year. So we did a great job of going and getting playmakers and big- time guys that help lift everybody around them. That makes a captain and a leader's job a whole lot easier having guys like that."

**5 things to see and do outside Broncos Stadium**(Terry Terrones, Colorado Springs Gazette)

1. Miniature Mile High – The Mile High Monument, a miniaturized version of Mile High Stadium, sits in parking lot J on the northwest side of Broncos Stadium. Inside, fans can sit in one of the 165 original seats from Mile High and take a peek at the mini Bucky the Bronco on top of the scoreboard. Outside of it is a statue of legendary Broncos fan, The Barrel Man. At 1/8 of the original stadium's size, it makes for a great photo op and is a unique journey back in time to the glory days of the Orange Crush. The monument is free to visit and opens 30 minutes after main parking lots open to the public.

"That falls back on the corners. We have to press the receivers because if he holds the ball, we know that we can get pressure. If it comes up quick and we were 7 or 8 yards off, it's going to be a completed ball and he's going to fall for 5 or 6. Our corners have to play with great confidence all the time and obviously play press coverage. With our pass rush, as a corner, you should have confidence that if he's throwing a nine-ball, a seven-ball or a deep in-cut, that our pressure will get there.

"We were really too soft, I guess I should say, at corner with our coverage."

"If you go back to when we were there, they're clearly not fouls," Pereira added. "The problem that I have with it, and I know it's a point of emphasis and I know referee Tony Corrente is taking some heat for this, but this is a point of emphasis coming off of Aaron Rodgers last year with the Anthony Barr hit ended up to be the injury [Barr drove Rodgers into the ground, breaking his clavicle]. But that clearly – I don't even think that was a foul, but the contact was much more flagrant – but what I'm having a problem with now, even though it's a point of emphasis, is they're creating penalties for contact and tackles to me that don't put the quarterback at risk of injury."

"Correct," Blandino said. "You look at the rule and it says you can't commit intimidating or punishing acts, you can't violently or unnecessarily drive him to the ground or land on him with all or most of your body weight. That's not what you're seeing in at least those two calls in that game."