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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, October 12, 2016



Mom and dad DeCamillis excited for son Joe's head coaching gig (Mike Klis, KUSA)
For the first in Denver Broncos' history, the father of the head coach has a sausage concession stand behind the stadium's south stands scoreboard.

**Harris Jr. breaks down toughest wide receivers in the NFL**(Chris Harris Jr., The Players' Tribune)
In the NFL, anticipation is everything. It's very, very hard to make an interception if you are just reacting to what you see after the snap. It's already too late at that point. NFL receivers are too fast, too physical.

Miller “could play back-to-back games” (Cameron Wolfe, Denver Post)
Playing two games in five days is one of several hurdles the Broncos must overcome Thursday at San Diego. NFL players have long lamented the stress that Thursday night games put on their bodies eliminating their full week preparations. The significance increases now as the Broncos face their first division opponent, the Chargers.

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Five things you should know from the Broncos' Tuesday (Andrew Mason)
Joe DeCamillis receives some good advice ... and if Trevor Siemian gets his way, he'll be the quarterback for DeCamillis' game as interim head coach.

Five Key Matchups: Broncos at Chargers (*
A look at a few of the matchups that could decide Thursday's game between the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos. *

3 and Out: Chargers week (Broncos TV)
Joe DeCamillis as Interim Head Coach, Color Rush uniforms, division win streak on the road, and your Twitter questions are topics on this week's show.

That's What They Said: San Diego Chargers (Aric DiLalla)
A look at what QB Philip Rivers and Chargers head coach Mike McCoy are saying ahead of Thursday Night Football.