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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2018

"Guys have to want to tackle, that's all I'm going to say about that," Joseph said. "It's a want-to thing. You can drill tackling all you want. If it's you and I in an alley, (and) if I want to tackle you, I'm going to tackle you — that's the bottom line."

By Joseph's logic the Broncos defenders have simply lost the war of will. And, Denver Post statistics back it up. . Through Week 6 the Broncos have missed 43 total tackles: Seahawks (six), Raiders (six), Ravens (three), Chiefs (nine), Jets (eight) and Rams (11). The tackling is getting progressively worse. Denver held up well versus the rush through three games, allowing 3.2 yards per carry, but have since been gouged for big ground yardage after contact. Crowell hit on runs of 77, 54 and 36. Gurley went for 29, 24 and 21. Numbers that make self-reflection a necessity, especially after a fourth consecutive loss this past Sunday.

"Shoot, it's a man decision you need to make: Do you want to make the tackle?" cornerback Chris Harris said. "Sometimes, they get they paid, too, and they're going to break the tackle. But I think everybody out there is doing whatever they can to make the tackle. If you're afraid of contact, you can't be in the NFL. We don't need anybody on our team like that."

Ryan Harris: Not yet. If Chad Kelly starts, you are punting on the season. Case Keenum gives the Broncos the best chance to win now. Sure, he has had some turnover issues. But he has also thrown for four touchdowns and 699 yards the last two games. It takes time to grow in an offense. His experience and ability to read a defense will continue to build as he plays through his first season in Bill Musgrave's offense.

It wasn't a full out guarantee. That would have been a waste.

The game Thursday night is not the Super Bowl. The Arizona Cardinals are not the 17-point favorite Baltimore Colts. And Von Miller is not Joe Willie Namath.

Von is ticked off, though, about the Broncos' four-game losing streak and the star pass rusher is determined to end it.

"I wouldn't say it's a must win but we're going to kick their ass, though,'' Miller said Tuesday at Broncos' headquarters. "Make sure you put that out there. We're going to kick their ass. They're going to get our best this week. I don't know last week, we sucked the week before that, whatever. This week Thursday night, prime time they're going to get the Broncos best.''

Last week, Broncos general manager John Elway gave Keenum a vote of confidence, saying on Orange & Blue 760, "I think that Case has done a nice job. It's always an adjustment getting used to a new offense and a new coaching staff and what he's used to. He's provided leadership, he's provided that grit."

At the owners meetings in New York on Tuesday, Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL's chief medical officer, said the league identified seven teams in 2017 that had a higher incidence of preseason concussions than the others and "did a targeted intervention with those clubs." Sills said that process involved wide-ranging discussions with the football operations staffs of the teams that included the design of practice drills and which helmets players were wearing.

"In six of those seven clubs, the numbers did go down," Sills said. "Those seven clubs had 23 practice concussions as a whole in 2017, down to nine in 2018."

Overall, the league said, preseason concussions were down from 91 in 2017 to 79 this year, and there were zero on kickoff plays. The NFL modified its kickoff rules this year to make the play safer, as it traditionally has featured a significantly higher rate of concussions than other plays.