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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018


But Miller, who years ago patterned his game after Hall-of-Famer Derrick Thomas, said it was another pass rusher who helped make him what he is today … and that's Ware, who signed with the Broncos in 2014.

"Playing with DeMarcus Ware was definitely life changing," Miller said on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast. "I'm from Dallas, Tex., (and) the Cowboys are everything in Dallas. DeMarcus Ware … I modeled my game after him. I wore tape and gloves, just like he wore. I taped my wrists just like he did. I even wore the towel like he wore. I wanted to do everything just like DeMarcus.

"When the Cowboys let him go I texted my defensive coordinator, and I told him, 'Hey, we need to get DeMarcus, no matter what.' I was at Pensacola, Fla., at the time. I had just had ACL surgery, and I saw 'DeMarcus Ware' come across the ticker; I saw that they had let go of DeMarcus Ware. And I called my coach. I didn't even text him. I called him and said, 'Hey, whatever we can do to get DeMarcus, we need to do it.' And we did."

During the two-minute drill, Keenum has a sense of urgency because he needs to. Only so many seconds remain. But he has a sense of calm in the huddle because he needs to. A hyper passer is usually an inaccurate passer.

"That's very important," said Devontae Booker, the regular running back in the two-minute offense. "For him to have that urgency but remain calm is impressive."

Said McGovern: "He's extremely calm and that makes the rest of us calm. I think Case performs his best when there's chaos."

Much like the high-flying Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs, the Pittsburgh Steelers can flip the run switch when they decide it's necessary. And in that regard, they are similar to the Broncos, who believe there is still a time and place to pound the rock.

"A lot of is [quarterback Ben Roethlisberger], he changes a lot at the line of scrimmage, so there are plenty of times when what they do is based on what he sees," Broncos coach Vance Joseph said. "But they've had games when they're all in running the ball and I think if they think you're vulnerable to the pass they just want to kill you there. If you're not vulnerable to the pass, or you keep things even for a bit, they run it and run it some more."

The Broncos can appreciate that, given some of their best work on offense this season has come in the run game. They have led the league in yards per carry for much of the season -- they are currently No. 1 at 5.2 -- and they have been a top-10 rushing team.

"It wasn't the play-calling; we just have to be better," safety Justin Simmons said.

The Chargers took advantage of man-to-man coverage — seven yards to Keenan Allen against Chris Harris, 14 yards to Antonio Gates against Su'a Cravens, 27 yards to Mike Williams against Harris and 27 yards to Gates against Cravens). And the Chargers should have put the game away with 3:21 remaining when Gates got away from Simmons for 25 yards on third-and-6, giving Los Angeles a new set of downs.

"Sometimes, it was bad eyes," said Simmons, referring to some of the breakdowns. "What it comes down to, we just didn't execute."

"Some execution, some calls — it's all of us," Joseph said. "We've got to fix that because you can't be that bad on third down."