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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018


Joseph's criticism of Keenum on Monday came out of nowhere considering the Broncos had won their previous three games before Sunday's eyesore of a loss at San Francisco. On Sunday, only six of Keenum's 42 pass attempts traveled at least 16 yards in the air, which was not to Joseph's satisfaction. The coach wants Keenum to challenge the defense more.

One thought is maybe Joseph believes poking Keenum in the media will light a figurative fire for the season's final three games, starting Saturday night against Cleveland.

"We're at the point of the season where we have to make plays (and) we have to score points," Keenum said. "I have to get guys chances down the field. Continue to be smart with the football, but give guys chances when we feel it's a good match-up and an advantageous time to take a shot."

The Broncos almost had the Chubbs 1-2 in their 2018 rookie draft class. After taking Bradley with the No. 5 overall pick in the first round, the Broncos were trying to move up from their No. 40 pick in the second round to take Nick.

The Browns confounded that strategy by taking Nick Chubb at No. 35. After playing behind Carlos Hyde and getting no more than three carries in any of the first six games, Nick Chubb became the team's featured back after Hyde was traded away.

But it worked out well for the Broncos, too. Once Nick Chubb was gone, the Broncos stayed at No. 40 and took receiver Courtland Sutton. They got their running back in the third round with Royce Freeman. And then the Broncos hit it big with running back Phillip Lindsay as an undrafted free agent.

As for the Chubbs, it will be the first time the second cousins have played against each other.

"It's going to be pretty fun,'' Bradley said. "I used to hear about him in high school and all that, then we met and in college he was doing his thing and I was doing my thing. We used to talk junk and stuff, but now we're going to actually get the chance to see each other."

"It's about getting into a rhythm," Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay said following the loss to the 49ers. "… The second half, we had a little bit more spunk, a little bit more rhythm going into it, a little bit more attitude. That's on us. We've got to start fast. We can't keep our defense on the field when we're not completing drives. We've got to complete drives."

In their final three games of the regular season, the Broncos will face run defenses that currently rank 28th (Cleveland Browns), 31st (Oakland Raiders) and 11th (Chargers).

"We have to run the football," Joseph said. "That's our bell cow in a game: running the football, play- [action] pass and keeping the third downs manageable."

"There are a lot of things we can do better," Keenum said. "And getting first downs, however it takes, to stay on the field, that's the most important.

Don't like chatting with a bartender? You're in luck. Picky about your pour? Maybe not so much if you're headed to the Broncos-Browns game on Saturday.

Broncos Country will find out if robots do it better when the beer-dispensing Bud Light Bot debuts at the stadium in the United East Club level during the game.

The mechanical arm, manufactured by Universal Robots and programmed by MSI TEC, will serve beer from a machine that fills plastic cups from the bottom up using a special cut and magnet. The robot is programmed to have two people push a button at the same time to start dispensing beer.