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Broncos, Briefly: Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Broncos coach offers much more than running back advice (9News)
Broncos running backs coach, Eric Studesville, preaches giving, and does so in the face of loss.

Ware returns to Broncos practice with quarterbacks already in sight (Nick Groke, Denver Post)
DeMarcus Ware already put a quarterback in his sights. He slow-played through training camp, but the Broncos' veteran linebacker is ready to rush him with gusto.

With the blessing of former Bronco Ray Crockett, Melton arrives in Denver (Cameron Wolfe, Denver Post)
Melton, who signed with the Broncos on Monday, is expected to contribute pass rushing and depth on a defensive line that has been stricken with injuries.

Ware says Miller is "a different guy" since returning from wild offseason (Ryan Koenigsberg,
*"Usually, he doesn't talk that much on the field but now he's actually being a lot more vocal out there. We're tag-teaming, he's on the left, I'm on the right, and everything else is in the middle, and it just feels great to have a guy like that out there." *

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[Unleashed: Wolfe moves from tough past to limitless future](Unleashed: Derek Wolfe moves from tough past to limitless future) (Ben Swanson)
You catch glimpses of his life through Instagram, but what's beneath the surface can stay there for all he cares. If people only think of him as a vicious defensive end, that's fine with him.

Children's Hospital Colorado Jr. Reporter: 'A once in a lifetime experience' (Diego Mora)*
We watched them practice from the V.I.P, tent. We went down to the field and waited for them to end with practice. I was a little nervous to interview a Bronco but eventually got over it. *

Quick Hits from the Broncos' Tuesday practice (Andrew Mason)
Kubiak said he still expects Siemian to start Saturday against the Los Angeles Rams, per his plan announced Monday. Kubiak added that he expected to decide on which order he'd use his quarterbacks toward the end of the week.

WATCH: 'Means the world' to Outlaws to win for Mr. B (*
The Denver Outlaws won their second MLL championship in three years, adding to the winning culture developed by Owner Pat Bowlen. *