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Broncos, Briefly: Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018

Miller's interception was a tipping point Sunday, perhaps the tipping point in the Broncos' 23-22 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers. Yes, the Broncos sacked Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers three times, cornerback Chris Harris Jr. added an interception and rookie running back Phillip Lindsay had two more touchdowns.

But with the Broncos trailing 19-7 and less than four minutes remaining in the third quarter, Miller's snatch of an attempted screen pass to wide receiver Travis Benjamin was just what the Broncos needed.

"That was huge," Broncos coach Vance Joseph said.

"Huge," Harris said. "Just huge."

"Huge play," quarterback Case Keenum said.

When a team loses, and loses repeatedly, the tension in the locker room is palpable.

So, yes, one win like the one the Broncos picked up in dramatic, last-second fashion Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers can change things. Based on the looser, friendly atmosphere at UCHealth Training Center on Victory Monday, it already has.

"I think it changes guys – it changes the week, obviously,'' said Broncos' head coach Vance Joseph. "When you win in this league, you have great weeks. When you lose, you have horrible weeks. I think the work that we put in and the games that we've played, it's been close. It's been field-goal games. To win one obviously assures guys that the hard work is being rewarded. It's good for our football team to win one."

This starting five had yet to play a game together before Sunday, yet somehow, with three of them playing in different positions, they kept their quarterback clean and created lanes for their rushers.

Case Keenum, for the first time this season, wasn't sacked at all and was hit only four times. And not one lineman was flagged for holding or false start.

Meanwhile, the Broncos rushed for 108 yards and three touchdowns. On Phillip Lindsay's 41-yard touchdown in the second, it was Turner who came up with the big block to open the hole. On Royce Freeman's 3-yard touchdown in the third, it was Veldheer who stepped up for the key block.

"It was awesome. It was incredible to have those guys in there as guard, some playing there for their first time this year and finding out on Friday that they were going to do that," Keenum said after the game. "It was incredible. Also, to not hit the ground today, no sacks, that's big time and that's guys doing their job. You have to give them all the credit in the world. That was a great pocket towards the end of the game and really all game."

O'Halloran: A look at Lindsay vs. Barkley statistically. Barkley has 222 touches for 1,268 yards (5.7-yard average) and 10 touchdowns. Lindsay has 145 touches for 857 yards (5.9-yard average) and six touchdowns. The awards voters are enamored with the numbers so Barkley could get the edge and because some want to be different, they may vote for Indianapolis guard Quenton Nelson. Lindsay deserves to be in the top three. Also, here's hoping Lindsay makes it to the Pro Bowl after some veterans inevitably drop out.

Broncos: B+
Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay definitely wasn't intimidated by the return of Joey Bosa. Even with the Chargers star back on the field, Lindsay still shredded L.A's defense with 79 yards and two touchdowns on just 11 carries. Of course, the most clutch player in the game for Denver might have been Case Keenum. With the Broncos trailing 22-20 and just 1:51 left to play, Keenum completed five passes for 87 yards on a game-winning drive that ended with a 34-yard field goal from Brandon McManus. The Broncos defense was also impressive, sacking Philip Rivers three times and picking him off twice.