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Broncos, Briefly: Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018

After hearing about Iputi, Domata and Anna agreed to fully fund a permanent health clinic on the islands with U.S.-certified physicians and nurses. Named The Domata and Anna Peko Medical Hope Building, construction is expected to begin later this year, with the plan for doors to open in 2019. The hope is that, year after year, the clinic will expand and house more physicians, nurses, scanning equipment and a pharmacy.

The hope is that it will eventually become the country's second hospital.

"There are 57,000 people on the island and there's one CT machine that is broken 50 percent of the time," Hamilton said. "There are no radiologists. No pulmonologists, no nephrologists, neurologists. I think there's one surgeon, one OB person. Nobody for ENT. There's one eye doctor, but you can't buy eye- glasses there because there's no eye-glass store. There's no pharmacy. You can go to a pharmacy at the clinic or at the hospital, but that's it."

"I've never really had a coach like him," said safety Justin Simmons, who was a rookie in Woods' final year as a positional coach. "He's almost like Wade. He's just a players' coach. He understands, he gets it, he's giving you tips and tricks and he's always open to your feedback. For me that just helps me understand, like he's hearing me out so why wouldn't I hear the coaching points he's trying to get across.

"I think Joe is perfect for what we've been doing and what's going on. A lot of this stuff, when you turn on the film, there's no perfect call and he has us in a great call 9 1/2 out of 10 times, but a lot of times it falls to us executing the minor details with the call."

**Who is the best Bronco not in the Hall of Fame?** (Rick Gosselin, Talk of Fame Network)

_Steve Atwater, S. A first-team NFL all-decade selection for the 1990s. The thumper on a defense that helped the Broncos win back-to-back Super Bowls in the 1997 and 1998 seasons. Atwater was voted to eight Pro Bowls and was a two-time first-team all-pro. A former first-round draft pick, Atwater collected 1,356 and 24 interceptions in his 10-year career. He has been a Hall of Fame finalist once. _

"I just try to encourage him. It's on him, though. You have to be a man," cornerback Chris Harris said. "Cornerback, it's 1 on 1 a lot of the time. You can control a lot of things on your own out there. You have to look yourself in the mirror and (ask), 'How bad do you want it?' If Rob wants it bad enough, he'll bounce back."

Added Joseph: "Roby didn't play his best on Sunday. That's obvious, but he played pretty well the week before. We have to get him back and keep coaching him. He's ours. He's our guy. So we'll get him back to playing good football."