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Broncos, Briefly: Sunday, July 10, 2016


Stewart had hoop dreams]( (Cameron Wolfe, Denver Post)*
If it were up to Stewart, he would have stopped playing football after his junior year in high school. He had hoop dreams, with plans of being a point guard at the University of Memphis.*

Broncos waits as Miller mulls improved offer (Troy Renck, Denver Post)
The Broncos took a significant step in contract talks with outside linebacker Von Miller, and now wait to see if it will help the sides reach the finish line on a landmark long-term deal.

Biggest rival of all 32 NFL teams (*
Since the start of the 2008 season, the Broncos have faced the Patriots 10 times, including three playoff games, and two of those postseason games were for the AFC championship. *

Anthony calls on all athletes to demand change (Pro Football Talk)*
Commerce over conscience. Conscience over commerce. It's an even tougher balance to strike today, when social media allows every kook and aberration to grab a megaphone and tell anyone who exercises their voice to "stick to sports" or worse. *

* *

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What will provide in his third year? (Andrew Mason)
First-team caliber work -- even if he technically remains a second-teamer, albeit one who plays a majority of the snaps, as he did last year.

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