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Broncos, Briefly: Monday, Sept. 24, 2018

The meditation sessions lasted 20 to 30 minutes most mornings during the offseason. Just a small slice of his day. But for Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders, they were long enough to reflect on the previous day and reset his mind for the hours ahead.

_There was plenty to forget and plenty to think ahead about. _

An acknowledgement of how discouraging his 2017 season was because of injury and a quarterback carousel, and acutely aware of how a player's production can decline when they reach his age (31), Sanders rededicated himself this offseason. He stayed in the Denver area instead of returning home to Houston during the six-week summer break and was connected with Resilience Code, a fitness-and-medical facility in Englewood that helped him zero in on his routines.

"We're always looking for somebody out there who can come in and help us,'' Elway said after his Broncos suffered their first loss of the season, a 27-13 setback to the Baltimore Ravens. "Especially at corner. Everybody wants one and everybody wants one at the right time, but somebody has to be there and someone has to be willing to make a move. So, we'll continue to look at that. It looks like Adam will be back healthy next week so that'll help.''

Broncos linebacker Joe Jones understands the reason why he made Denver's active roster. Namely, be a monster on special teams.

"My goal is to make the Pro Bowl doing this stuff," Jones said.

Jones, a second-year undrafted player from Northwestern, took a step closer Sunday against Baltimore when the the Ravens attempted a first quarter punt inside their own 15-yard line. The Denver front shifted to the left, Jones squared up an offensive tackle, and then used film study to break him down in one quick motion.

2-1: the Broncos record after 3 weeks. If I told you coming into the season the Broncos would start 2-1 with a chance to tie the Chiefs for the AFC West lead on Monday Night Football, you would have taken it. Baltimore is a tough place to play, since John Harbaugh has been their coach the Ravens have the third best home winning percentage in the NFL. The real litmus test comes in 7 days with the first place Chiefs and their record breaking quarterback Pat Mahomes coming to Broncos Stadium with the tops spot in the AFC West on the line.

Jewell played 21 snaps in the first two games, which he said helped "a lot, actually, just being able to get the speed down a little bit and understanding how we play. Practice and games help out a ton, but (playing in the games), you get used to the defense and what the guys in front and behind you are doing."

Inside linebacker Todd Davis said: "He did a great job. He came in, made a lot of plays and I was excited and proud with the way he played."