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Broncos, Briefly: Monday, May 28, 2018

Only a die-hard Broncos fan will get these 9 questions right (Mike Klis, 9News)
Let's see how much of a true orange-and-blue fan you really are by taking the Broncos quiz. There are 9 questions. Some are easy, some not so. You only need to get three correct to call yourself a die-hard Broncos fan.

‘As motivated as I’ve been since I took this job’: John Elway talks upcoming Broncos season, player protests and Senior Open (Paul Klee, Colorado Springs Gazette)
"This is fun. I love playing golf. But this is a hobby. If I do it too much, then it's not fun anymore," Elway said. "I'm still enjoying what I'm doing with the Broncos. I'm still very, very driven by it. I want to get us back to where we're competitive year-in and year-out. That's the fun part of it. It's no fun to go 5-11. Winning, that's fun."

Peter King’s favorite stories, from SI and The MMQB (Staff, The MMQB)
In 29 years at Sports Illustrated and The MMQB, I think I wrote some good stories. I always tried to improve as a writer, and with stories I was hugely proud of I took great care in trying to make every sentence count.

New kickoff rule presents plenty of opportunities for creativity, strategy (Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk)
Even if the current change to the kickoff amounts to a half-measure toward the elimination of the kickoff altogether, teams will have to figure out how to implement the new formation in a way that enhances the overriding effort to win, for as long as the new formation is in place. And coaches already have begun to brainstorm regarding the opportunities created by an alignment aimed at reducing injuries.

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