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Broncos, Briefly: Friday, May 6, 2016

Sanders wore a wig, hats and glasses as he pretended to be a special military correspondent. He interviewed several soldiers but seemed oddly fixated on Emmanuel Sanders.

Some of his interview subjects caught on quickly, while others were shocked when he revealed his true identity. Von takes a playful jab at Tom Brady (Cameron Wolfe, The Denver Post)

Miller is ready to get back doing what he does best — sacking the quarterback. So what's it like sacking Patriots QB Tom Brady?

"It was like sleeping on a bed," Miller said, receiving loud laughs and cheers.

In the wake of that injury, as well as the season-ending injury Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Dante Fowler Jr. suffered in his rookie minicamp last year, things have changed.

A Mark Sanchez-Paxton Lynch battle was a QB succession plan few could see coming. Still, the surrounding parts and defense remain stout.

As long as the message from both sides remains this positive, Broncos fans can rest easy knowing that the two sides are going to find a meeting point eventually.

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