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Broncos, Briefly: Friday, Jan. 11, 2019

**Klee: Ask the good people of Dunmore, Pa.: New Denver Broncos coach Victor Fangio never forgets his roots** (Paul Klee, Colorado Springs Gazette)_ When I asked Fangio what Dunmore and its 14,000-ish residents have meant to his life and 40 years of coaching football, the ball coach choked up._

**Kawakami: Here’s why Vic Fangio will make the Broncos better — and was so overdue for this** (Tim Kawakami, The Athletic)_ It was always going to be harder, I figured, for Vic Fangio to get a head-coaching job than it will be for him to actually be an NFL head coach._

**Analysis: Vic Fangio “all in” with Broncos, but don’t expect fancy bells and whistles** (Ryan O'Halloran, Denver Post)_ The easy way for Broncos general manager John Elway would have been what he described as the "glitz-and-glamour" route._

**Broncos players react to Vic Fangio hiring. “He’s going to be a great coach for us.”** (Kyle Frederickson, Denver Post)_ "He looks like a straight-shooter and that's what we need," defensive tackle Shelby Harris said. "On a team with a lot of young guys, you can't give them that much leeway all the time. They have to be disciplined and do things the right way."_

**Kiszla: Broncos coach Vic Fangio wants to get on with winning a championship. But first, we’ve got to find him some pants.** (Mark Kiszla, Denver Post)_ NFL stadiums were built as a vessel for linebackers and receivers to shine. The new coach of the Broncos is here to sweat the details. Yeah, Fangio is old school. All about players showing up for meetings on time, no dumb penalties and tough love. As strict as a mother who told Victor to always be home in time for supper._

**Over a Sicilian plate at Mabel’s, Fangio began removing label he was a good coach, but not a head coach** (Mike Klis, 9News)_ On first impression, you have to wonder what the rest of the NFL missed with Fangio._

**New Broncos coach Vic Fangio vows to prevent ‘death by inches’** (Jeff Legwold, ESPN)_ When Broncos president of football operations and general manager John Elway was asked what made him put Fangio on his list of the team's interviews, he said: "Looking at kind of what we needed ... when he said we're not going to kill ourselves by inches, it's not going to be death by inches, that was something that stood out to me right away.''_

**Broncos offseason: Denver tries to start anew after three playoff-less seasons** (Nicki Jhabvala, The Athletic)_ John Elway doesn't like the word rebuild because it "sounds like an excuse." The team's standards are still the same, and its long-held goal to always try to vie for a Super Bowl remains in place, he says._

**Vic Fangio has used a simplistic, no-nonsense approach to build great defenses. But will his style work well as Broncos head coach?** (Rich Campbell, Chicago Tribune)The curiosity in Chicago was only natural Thursday afternoon as Vic Fangio adjusted the microphone in his new Colorado home and leaned in to speak. Finally, after 19 decorated seasons as an NFL defensive coordinator for five teams, he began to answer the question that has followed him for much of that time.

**Family in Dunmore couldn’t be prouder of Denver Broncos new head coach, Vic Fangio** (Sharla McBride, "He said he was chosen for the job and said he was gonna go out there," Alice Fangio said. "I was thrilled for him and wished him luck and hope it turns out."_