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Broncos' 2016 NFL Draft picks set


From 1 to 253, the NFL announced the draft order Tuesday, and it includes the Broncos having the final pick in the three-day draft, which will allow them to make the first Mr. Irrelevant selection in team history.

With the New England Patriots being stripped of their first-round pick, the Broncos will open by selecting 31st to close the first round. Another forfeited selection from the Chiefs in the third round moves the Broncos' two picks in that round up one spot apiece.

Denver's full draft order:

Round 1: Pick 31
Round 2: Pick 63
Round 3: Pick 94
Round 3: Pick 98 (compensatory)
Round 4: Pick 136 (compensatory)
Round 5: Pick 144 (from Baltimore in Gino Gradkowski trade)
Round 6: Pick 219 (compensatory)
Round 7: Pick 228 (from San Francisco in Vernon Davis trade)
Round 7: Pick 235 (from Los Angeles via Houston in Chris Clark trade)
Round 7: Pick 253