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Best of KOA's Denver Broncos Locker Room Party


DENVER, Colo. -- **The majority of KOA's Denver Broncos Locker Room Party at Sports Authority Field at Mile High centered around several question and answer sessions.

KOA's Rick Lewis tossed questions toward several Broncos players.

The best of the Q&A sessions with rookie safety Justin Simmons, linebacker Shaq Barrett, linebacker Todd Davis, center Matt Paradis and wide receiver Cody Latimer are below:


The Broncos' defense:* **


Lewis:* Shaq had a breakout season last year, just really, really impressive season for the Denver Broncos defense. ... Shaq, you were really able to make a mark last year, congratulations.*

Barrett: Yeah, I appreciate it. We compete every day in practice. Everybody wants to be one of the guys that can go out there and make a play. I strive to be the playmaker [and] game-changing guy. Everytime I'm out there I'm trying to make a big play.

*Lewis: What would you say is your strength, right now, at your position?*

Barrett: My speed.

Davis: He's slow. … He still doesn't want to race me, but he has some speed.

*Lewis: Who is the fastest? Not the cornerbacks.*

Barrett: Probably [OLB] Von [Miller]?

*Lewis: Justin, welcome, man. Welcome to Denver.*

Simmons: Thank you for having me.

*Lewis: It's great to have you here. I know the Broncos and the fans are really excited about having you on this football team.*

Simmons: I'm just as excited to get going and learn from the other guys like [safeties] Darian [Stewart] and T.J. Ward and everyone else that's been a veteran in that defense, that as we know is one of the best in NFL history.

*Lewis: Yeah, how's that feel coming out of college – not only to the Super Bowl champs, but also to one of the best defense's in the history of the NFL. That's got to be pretty exciting for you.*

Simmons: Like I said, I'm truly blessed. To start my career … any way I can learn to elevate my game and pick up on the details – offensive sets, formations and tendencies and things of that nature – it's always great.

**The offense: *

Lewis:Matt, you had a great year last year as starting center for the Denver Broncos. Certainly established yourself as a very good offensive lineman for the Broncos. Played every game. Seems like you never missed a play. Did you get hurt at all? I don't think they took you out for one play.

Paradis: Well, getting hurt doesn't mean you missed a play. Lewis:So you went the entire season without missing a play?

Paradis:Yep, every play possible.

Lewis:You're the Iron Man of the Denver Broncos. How many guys on the team went the entire season without missing one play.* *

Paradis:It was just me.

Lewis:*That's pretty amazing, especially playing offensive line. *


Lewis: Matt, are you a big suit guy?

Paradis: Not really.

Lewis: I can tell.

Paradis: I feel dressed up if I put my boots on.


Lewis: Cody you were great on special teams last year … and I'm sure this year you're looking forward to contributing more at wide receiver.

Latimer: Of course, that's the goal. We've got a lot of competition at receiver. … I'm pretty sure they saw [I can] contribute and make plays.