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Ball's Rookie Journal: Refocused

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rookie running back Montee Ball is contributing entries to throughout the 2013 season.

Well, that was my first loss in the NFL. There's most definitely a different feeling in the locker room after a game like that. It was an overall feeling of, I guess, disappointment, just because we are a lot better than what we played, or what we showed. The great thing about it is we were able to correct our mistakes the next day in meetings and we most definitely have been doing a great job this week in preparation for the Redskins.

It most definitely refocuses all of us. I'm not saying any of us had big heads or anything like that, but it put like a heightened sense of awareness on the small details that we all didn't focus on in that game that we've been doing for the Redskins this week.

Washington, they have a really good defense. It's no secret. They fly around. One thing that you notice is that they play to the whistle. They're chasing the ball carriers from behind and that poses a threat on the ball carrier because you have to worry about ball security and all that stuff. They do a great job over there of disguising some blitzes and stuff like that. For us, we had a great week in preparation and we feel ready.

Fortunately, we'll be back home in front of the fans. Sports Authority Field at Mile High. I love playing here. It's kind of a rebound week for us, which is going to be great. Like I said, we had a great week and we're most definitely looking forward to putting on a great show.

Just like every other week, and just like every game, you want to put it all out there every day for practice and every time you step on the field during a game. But I think there's a little bit more when you know you have a bye week coming up the following week. It's go 150 percent, 180 percent out there because you know you have a week off after that. You don't want a bad taste in your mouth for two weeks.