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Ball's Rookie Journal: I Can't Wait

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rookie running back Montee Ball is chronicling his first NFL season on Below is his take on Sunday night's divisional battle against the Kansas City Chiefs.

It's Kansas City this week. They're undefeated with the top scoring defense in the league. They do a great job -- they're just fundamentally sound. Where they're supposed to be, they are. Every team that they've played, they've made sure to capitalize on their mistakes in a major way. The quarterback gets the ball tipped, they pick it. A lineman misses a block, they get a sack-fumble. They do a great job of capitalizing on everyone's mistakes. So we've just got to make sure that we focus on our fundamentals and just execute.

We're focused on keeping Peyton off the ground, but it's always that every week. Peyton's been practicing well. You can't tell right now that anything's wrong with him. He seems extremely healthy to me. He seems fine. He's doing a great job leading this team. For us, that's just always our main focus -- to keep the quarterback off the ground -- whether it's Brock in there or Zac's in there.

We're professionals at this, so we understand that there's going to be hype for this game. We're not completely oblivious to it. But we know that we just have to keep our focus small. Because just as fast as the hype came, we can go out there and mess up a lot of things, falling into the trap of the hype and everything. So we just focus on that it's the next game on our schedule and we want to win.

At the same time, I can't wait. Yeah, we make sure to keep our focus small, but this is what we play for, man. Growing up as a child, this is what you loved to play for. So we're enjoying what we're doing.

And it's at home, so know that we're looking forward to seeing all of you at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.