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Ball's Rookie Journal: Back to the Basics

EDITOR'S NOTE: Running back Montee Ball has been chroncling his rookie campaign in weekly entries on

I've addressed my fumble a lot this week. You've got to. That's the best thing. I like talking about it, because I think it makes me better. That's the healing process. All of that.

I'm going back to the basics to correct it. And that's the thing -- despite my fumble, in talking to coaches, you can see I'm making strides. Who knows -- I don't fumble that ball, maybe I'm still in the game and I could've had a really big game. Who knows? I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm going back to the basics with holding the football and I'm going to be here for my teammates.

Speaking of really big games, Knowshon's a beast, man. I most definitely look up to the man because of how much adversity he's overcome. Right now, I'm battling through some adversity, so I ask him questions all the time. He just tells me, "Keep your head down, keep grinding, because we're gonna need you." That's most definitely how I'm approaching it right now. I'm not sitting here crying and all that stuff about my fumble. I'm going to correct it and move forward and have a good game.

That game last week, it was kind of weird because it was so cold. It was so cold trying to pick my knees up when I'm running. I have to admit, that was the coldest game I've ever played in in my entire life. Even in college, even up there in Wisconsin, that was the coldest game I've ever played in. But it was good, though. I'm finally making big plays for my team.

This week, it's the Chiefs at Arrowhead. It's going to be tough. Tough environment, great team, well-coached, so I'm excited. I'm excited to play them again, excited to redeem myself, excited to make some big plays for my team.

In the meantime, it's Thanksgiving today. I'm going to go over to the running backs coach's house, Coach E's house. He lives in the next neighborhood right across from mine. I'm going to stop over there. A bunch of running backs are going to be over there, too, so it's going to be nice. It's going to be nice because we're all in this fight together. We're all family.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.