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#AskABronco: Rahim Moore

"What's your favorite part about game day?!" #AskABronco

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"The thing I like about the Chargers, they always give you their best. Even though we've been beating them lately, that doesn't mean anything. There's been some games where we've lost. We were losing I remember that one year we were down 24-0 at half. They beat us last year. Last year it was a back-and-forth game at their house. They're a great team. It's like family with some of their coaches because they were here before and it's another week in the NFL that's challenging and that's one thing that you should welcome."

"I love spaghetti. Coconut water. I think spaghetti for lunch. For breakfast, bagel sandwich with a hard egg, bacon and strawberry jelly on a blueberry oatmeal bagel."

@Broncos Rahim! What is one thing you do every practice to ensure you're improving your ability on GameDay? #AskABronco — Donovan Kirkpatrick (@DonovanKirk) December 10, 2014

"Just my footwork and just knowing what I have to do and doing it fast and doing it to my best ability. Mainly it's just knowing what I'm doing and getting guys lined up and playing fast. I try to do a great job of practicing my footwork each and every day, catching the football and angles to the ball, whether it's the ball carrier, whether it's the receiver, it's always attacking the football at all times. I think if I do that it puts me in good positions to make plays."

.@Broncos #AskABronco What drove Rahim during his rehab/recovery from his emergency surgery last season? — Khalid Alshami (@LaxinBronco) December 10, 2014

"What drove me was really to show how there is a God and he healed me. But at the same time I wanted to show my teammates and this organization that I really love football and I don't mind dying out there on the field for it. What also drove me too was I wanted to see how hard I could play to make sure I was at a Pro-Bowl level and to help this team win the Super Bowl. That was mainly my motivation."

"Interception, that's the best. Lately I've been forcing fumbles and I kind of like that too. I love getting interceptions, that's always a great thing. It's a different feeling, it's kind of like on Christmas when you get that big present. The second biggest present, it's not like the first big present. The first big present is an interception. After that tackle for loss or sack or forced fumble, it's all secondary."

@Broncos #AskABronco what's the toughest part about the position you play? — Jon Sullivan (@jonsul97) December 10, 2014

"The toughest part is really everything. Just knowing that you're the last line of defense and knowing that in my position you have to make sure that you're very prepared and you have to be hitting on all cylinders. You have to be able to tackle, you have to be able to run, you have to be able to have great footwork, you have to be able to make plays on the football. It's definitely a tough task. At the same time you have to be the quarterback of the defense, just imagine if we didn't have our starting quarterback on our offense, things wouldn't go right. For me, if I'm not right, then our defense won't be right. It's a big role that I have to do making checks and making calls and stuff like that and communicating. It's tough but at the same time, no pressure, no diamonds."

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