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A look at the Broncos' refurbished locker room


ENGLEWOOD, Colo. --The Broncos' locker room is not just the players' lair. For three hours each week during the regular season, it is also where local media gathers its interviews.

Friday afternoon, the media got its first glimpse at the massive renovations that transformed the locker room during the past two months.

The room isn't bigger in terms of square footage. The ceiling is six inches higher, but the footprint is the same. But by moving the doors at the north and south ends of the locker room and removing one door to the training room -- while leaving the other) and putting lockers against all four walls, the room has a spacious, open feel that it lacked before.

"It really didn't change size-wise," said Vice President of Operations Chip Conway. "We really didn't blow out any walls. We changed some entrances. We lost an entrance into the training room and we maneuvered the player entrances on the north and south ends so they're a little more strategic so we can get more lockers in here.

The Broncos' locker room at UCHealth Training Center received an update over the offseason. (Photos by Ben Swanson)

"We shrunk the lockers down by about two inches, which I don't think the players can really tell that we shrunk them down that much."

There are 74 lockers against the four walls, and during the offseason and preseason, 22 more will be placed in the middle of the room.

The lighting has changed, as well; LED lighting was placed above every locker, and the bright standard-office lighting has been removed.

"I think the lighting in here as we were talking about was poor," Conway said. "We actually hired a lighting engineer for this project to make this a lot nicer for the guys as hopefully you guys who are in here filming."

And the players benefitted, as well. The lockers are slightly smaller, but now come equipped with two power outlets and two USB ports. Each has a drawer in which they can place their shoes, and more shelves and cubbies in which to place hats and other personal effects.

"I think everyone likes it," Conway said.

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