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A game of catch with Peyton Manning

During the training camp grind Sunday morning quarterback Peyton Manning found two kids in the crowd and played a little game of catch. Jet Yang, 11, and Eric Vue, 12, each ran a few fade routes while Demaryius Thomas acted as cornerback.

We caught up with Demaryius after practice to talk about how it happened:

Thomas:"...I wanted to go over and run a couple routes with Peyton. And I see Peyton going over to the sideline to get two kids to come out and catch. I had to demonstrate and try to show him how to do it and I was successful. It has been a while but I was able to go out and catch a fade route for a touchdown."

"So I was a DB. One scored on me. He had the 88 jersey on, of course, and the other had the 18 – he probably should have been the one throwing the pass because I know if Peyton tried to get out and catch a fade route, it probably wouldn't have been the best thing, but the kid wanted to run a different route. He wanted to run a slant so he ran the slant. He made a touchdown with the 18 jersey, but 88 ran the fade again, scored a touchdown."

"You know we like to run fades and score touchdowns but that was one of the good things that both of the kids came out and they had a little fun and scored some touchdowns."

Both receivers scored touchdowns, and here's what they had to say afterward:

What was the most exciting part about playing catch with Peyton Manning?


Vue: It was awesome, since he pulled us two out of the crowd. Out of every single kid he could have picked, he grabbed us two from the front row.Yang: Meeting Peyton Manning and meeting Demaryius Thomas. And also catching a pass from Peyton Manning.

So when each of you caught the ball, did you score?

Yang: Yes. We pretty much got a touchdown on Demaryius.

Do you play football yourselves?

Vue: I don't right now, but he does.Yang: This is my first year.


What position do you play?**

Yang: I wanna play running back.

What is the most exciting thing you've seen at training camp today?

Yang:Peyton Manning coming up here.Vue:Probably ... well, Peyton Manning threw that long bomb to Emmanuel Sanders, and that was pretty cool.

How long have you guys been Broncos fans?

Yang: Since like 2011.Vue: Since I was 2-years-old. //

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