Broncos Audio Zone, featuring Brandon Marshall

Andrew Mason, Steve Atwater and Ryan Edwards start by catching up with Brandon Marshall (0:49) to talk about the $50,000 donation he and the Broncos gave to kick-start a new endeavor of his Williams-Marshall Cares Leadership Program. Marshall also analyzes the Broncos' defensive work against the Chiefs (3:02), what the defense learned from the second-and-30 letdown (4:36) and what it will face in Jets QB Sam Darnold (6:22). Then, Mase gets into his power rankings (8:44) with Steve and Ryan before the three get distracted by the aftermath of Monday's missed delay-of-game call (10:49). At 12:30, Steve takes the discussion down another rabbit hole when he details his unusual dream, Finally, it's back to the power rankings (14:30), starting with the Rams at the top.