Denver Broncos | Buffalo Wild Wings

Broncos and Buffalo Wild Wings Turnover Belt

The Broncos and BWW have teamed up to create the first ever Broncos Turnover Belt. The Broncos and Buffalo Wild Wings are bringing the belt around to different BWW locations giving people the opportunity to "Turnover Their Bills"! If the Broncos force a turnover while they are holding the belt, the Broncos will comp the winner's bill up to $150 (for all food and Anheuser-Busch products). Check out the schedule below to see where the belt will be next!

Broncos and Buffalo Wild Wings Turnover Belt


10/27 vs. Indianapolis - Sheridan (3900 River Point Parkway, Sheridan, CO)

11/17 vs. Minnesota - Colorado Springs (2905 Geyser Drive, Colorado Springs, CO)

11/24 vs. Buffalo - Aurora Havana (10500 E. Garden Drive, Aurora, CO

12/8 vs. Houston - Ft. Collins (150 E. Harmony Road, Ft. Collins, CO)

12/15 vs. Kansas City - Thornton Larkridge ( 16540 N. Washington St., Thornton, CO)