The Squeeze: Willie McGinest names linebackers set to break out in 2017

  1. Set to break out

Willie McGinest shared his linebackers set to break out in 2017 on NFL Total Access. His first choice? Shane Ray.

Speaking of linebackers, Pro Football Focus ranked the Broncos' linebacking corps, and all four players came in the top 50 at their respective positions.

  1. Congrats, "Hop!"

De'Angelo Henderson's life is about to change, and not just because he's entering his first NFL season. The rookie running back announced Sunday that he and his significant other are expecting a baby this December.

  1. RIP3

Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of Big Ten punters Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler's fatal car accident. Bennie Fowler, who was teammates with Sadler at Michigan State, shared this Instagram post in his "3shirt" in memory of his fallen teammate.

  1. Only seven reasons? writer Adam Rank wrote an article giving fans seven reasons to root for the Broncos. The list is great, but why only seven reasons?

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