The Squeeze: White House Edition


  1. Traveling in Style **

You can't wear just any suit when going to meet the President. The Super Bowl 50 champs were all dressed to the nines when they arrived early Monday morning to fly to Washington D.C. to meet Barack Obama.

2. Reunion special

The gang was back together in D.C. as former Broncos spent the day catching up with their old teammates and coaches, including the one and only Sheriff.

That "headed-to-meet-the President " feeling. #SuperBroncos

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3. Touring President Obama's house

While the Broncos waited for the man of the hour, they spent the day as tourists, taking in all the sites and history of the nation's capital.

4. 'Momma, I met the President'

Finally, the time came for the Super Bowl 50 champs to meet the President of the United States, a true honor for every single member of the Broncos.


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5. Presidential roast

There's trash-talking and then there's presidential trash-talking. After congratulating the Super Bowl 50 champs, President Barack Obama took some time to humble a few key members of the Broncos.

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