The Squeeze: Welcoming the newest Broncos to Denver

Welcome to Denver!

As the Broncos' 2019 roster begins to take shape, its newest faces were excited to join their new team. At the same time, some of their close friends from their previous teams were sad to see them go.

Let's go, Joe!

Though it wasn't a free-agent acquisition, the news of the Broncos' trade for Joe Flacco made waves on Wednesday. If you're wondering what his time in Denver might look like, check out our mashup!

We also caught up with one of Flacco's biggest fans, PFTCommenter, who knows that the Broncos' new quarterback is indeed elite.

What's new in Von's world?

It seems there's never a dull moment in Von Miller's life. Deadline Hollywood announced recently that Miller will be an executive producer and perform the lead role for a new animated series about the NFL's first franchise on Mars.

Miller also has featured some cool things on his Instagram page as of late. Recently he met up with soccer superstar Paul Pogba and also showcased a fan's artwork with him as a Super Saiyan character from "Dragon Ball Z."

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PP!!!!!!! ⚽️ @paulpogba

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“Super Saiyan Von 4” 🖼 @dai.tamura

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Meanwhile, in the life of Terrell Davis

While the NFL world was abuzz with the start of free agency, Hall of Fame former Broncos running back Terrell Davis hit the links at Pebble Beach, known as one of the world's finest and most beautiful golf courses.

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