The Squeeze: Von Miller, 'Father of Chickens'

  1. 'Father of chickens'

HBO's "Game of Thrones" wrapped up Sunday night with several Broncos tuned in to see the popular TV show's season finale. Von Miller, an avid fan, shared this photo the next day captioned with what his titles would be if he were a king on the show. Which one is your favorite, #BroncosCountry?

  1. HoustonStrong

Hurricane Harvey has wraked havoc on Houston and  surrounding areas, flooding the region with more than 40 inches of rain. Several Broncos who are from the area, including Bellville native Emmanuel Sanders, are working together to collect donations to give to those affected by the storm.

  1. Those Colorado views

No matter how long you've lived here, it's tough to get tired of the mountain views in Colorado. Derek Wolfe recently captured Colorado's natural beauty in this sunset snapshot.

How awesome is this?

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