The Squeeze: Trio of Broncos coaches top PFF awards

Happy Wednesday, #BroncosCountry –

Today's the big day. The Broncos are back and ready to begin prep for the Patriots. will keep you up to date all day, but for the time being, here are a couple things to get caught up on, starting with our favorite Defensive Coordinator:

1. Broncos coaches pick up PFF awards

No real shock here — Wade Phillips has been named Pro Football Focus' Defensive Coordinator of the year and Reggie Herring and Fred Pagac have been named linebackers coaches of the year. Defensive Line Coach Bill Kollar was named first runner-up at his coaching position.

The 'Dumbledore' of the football world, Phillips has elevated the Broncos defense to the best in the NFL.

Phillips took elite talent and turned it into an elite defense, which in our opinion, is far more difficult than it sounds. Although he had the ability to get pressure with four, he still somehow found a sweet-spot in generating pressure by using the blitz often.

Herring is responsible for the inside linebackers, while Pagac handles the outside linebackers. Herring's group, led by Brandon Marshall and Danny Trevathan, is one of the stoutest against the rush, while Pagac's duo of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware have both been voted to the 2016 Pro Bowl.

It's one thing to bring a bunch of talent together—it's entirely another to have them playing at the level of this group. Superstars have mixed seamlessly with free agent after-thoughts and rookies so coherently that at times, it doesn't matter who is on the field.

Read the rest of PFF's position coach awards here.

2. Cheerleaders embrace Colorado community

The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders visited Steamboat Resort on Tuesday to help cheer on the Cowboy Downhill:

3. In case you missed it …

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