The Squeeze: Sack dances, wins and offensive identity

Good morning, #BroncosCountry –

There's nothing better than the day after a win, right? While you're still celebrating, here are three things to catch up on.

1. Miller's sack dances are an art form

There are few things better than a Von Miller sack dance. Even agreed when it named Miller's sack dances the best in the league last year.

He's done it all from the Hulk smash, to eating imaginary food with imaginary utensils, to simply gyrating on the field.

"I don't think I'll ever run out of ideas," Miller said to The Gazette.

Miller says the inspiration for his dances can come from just about anything.

"It could come from anyone," Miller said. "My teammates, they'll give me ideas. I'll get input from my teammates. There's a lot of ideas in there."

Rookie outside linebacker Shane Ray collected his first solo sack of his rookie career and immediately stood up to showcase his sack dance. Veteran outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware, who has seen quite a few sack dances in his day, told the media after the game that Ray's dance has room for improvement.

"Right now, it's a 0," Ware said. "If he gets sacks in the regular season we'll have to name it."

2. Broncos celebrate win over 49ers

Following the Broncos' win over the 49ers, the players took to social media to celebrate the win.

Joe Don Duncan

3-0 #TheBigOrangeProblem — Joe Don Duncan (@DieselNine) August 30, 2015

* Darius Kilgo*

* Danny Trevathan*

* Max Garcia*

* Kayvon Webster*

3. In case you missed it…

Broncos hopeful Palmer is a one-man band

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