The Squeeze: Russell Okung appears on Just Not Sports podcast

1. Revis Island open for business?

In a New York edition of *Thursday Night Football, *the New York Jets faced the Buffalo Bills. It was special for many reasons, but most importantly because it was the first-ever NFL game to be live-streamed on Twitter. Many Broncos followed along with the back-and-forth game between the two New York rivals, adding their thoughts to the live social media conversation.

2. Okung calls an audible It's no secret that Russell Okung is passionate about technology through his work in Silicon Valley. Recently, he hopped on the Just Not Sports podcast to discuss his involvement and the importance of teaching tech to kids at a young age through his education program, the Greater Movement.

3. Talk NOW with Donald Penn

DeMarcus Ware hosts a weekly talk show for NFL Network, and this week he interviewed Raiders tackle Donald Penn. Here's an exclusive clip!

4. ICYMI ...

Q&A with Kapri Bibbs

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