The Squeeze: Rookies and 'The Serious Six'

Good morning, #BroncosCountry –

Just one more day until it's game day – are you ready? Just so you're up to date with everything, here are three things to catch up on this morning, starting with the Broncos' elite defense:

1. The Broncos' 'Serious Six'

Neil Hornsby, the president of football operations at Pro Football Focus, analyzed the Broncos proficient edge rushers for the MMQB, Wednesday morning.

If getting pressure on the QB is the goal, then the Broncos over-delivered on expectations that were already high. With new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips blitzing on 74% of plays, Denver pressured Joe Flacco on 22 of his 34 dropbacks (or 65% of the time he wanted to throw). To put that in context, the NFL average last year was 34%, and the most pressured quarterback in football was Russell Wilson at 46%.

Hornsby then breaks down the Broncos' 'Serious Six', led by veteran DeMarcus Ware and 'The Superstar' Von Miller.

Get even more analysis of Denver's defense here.

2. Top Instagram post

Rookie outside linebacker Shane Ray is still learning – but he probably won't make the 'dozing off in the meeting room' mistake again.

3. In case you missed it…

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