The Squeeze: Rockies rep the Broncos for road trip

Rockies reppin' on the road

Our friends across town, the Colorado Rockies, headed out on the road Friday night to start an eight-game West-Coast swing. As a travel theme, the Blake Street Bombers donned their favorite football jerseys, and there's of course a lot of Broncos orange in there. Charlie Blackmon was in Demaryius Thomas' 88 threads, Carlos Gonzalez and Kyle Freeland repped Von Miller (as did a few others) and David Dahl wore rookie Bradley Chubb's jersey.

And Matt Holliday rocked the throwback John Elway jersey, but as you'll see, there's a story behind that.

Donations from the Duke

It's not hard to find a John Elway jersey in this part of the country, but Holliday's jersey was no run-of-the-mill find.

A special moment

After Sunday's win, center Matt Paradis honored his grandmother, who he said comes to a game each year. After Sunday's win, it looks like she could be a good-luck charm. Can she add a few more games to her schedule, Matt?

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