The Squeeze: Ranking the best Broncos of all time

Happy Saturday, #BroncosCountry –

We're so close to the Super Bowl — we can nearly taste that California air. But, in the meantime, here are a couple things to help pass the time:

1. Ranking the top Broncos of all time

ESPN's Jeff Legwold took on the challenge of ranking the best Broncos of all time — quite a daunting task.

While some could be up for debate, quarterback Peyton Manning ranks No. 3 on Legwold's chart.

Should Manning be considered a "real" Bronco? If a guy is a major part of two Super Bowl trips in those four seasons, has piloted the league's highest-scoring offense and helped return the franchise to the kind of prominence owner Pat Bowlen wanted the Broncos to have, then he's on the list.

Running back Terrell Davis ranks No. 2 on the list, which is fitting as Davis is a 2016 Hall of Fame finalist.

Most players on the 1997 and '98 Broncos would agree they wouldn't have Super Bowl rings if it weren't for Davis.

To check out the rest of the list and the No. 1 pick, click here to read the rest of Legwold's article.

2. Ware's flashback to the Senior Bowl

This Saturday marks the 2016 Senior Bowl, and like many Broncos, outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware once tried to improve his draft stock in the pre-draft game:

3. Mathis' neighbors make surprise visit

Guard Evan Mathis' neighbors showed up on his doorstep in celebration of his trip to Super Bowl 50. His wife, Katie, caught the spirited moment on camera:

4. In case you missed it …

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