The Squeeze: Power rankings and Broncos Country

Good morning, #BroncosCountry –

Happy Tuesday! Just two more days until the Broncos return to action in Kansas City. It's a short week, so get caught up, starting with Peter King's first power rankings:

1. King ranks Broncos supreme

MMQB writer Peter King released his first Fine Fifteen team rankings of the year Tuesday morning and pegged the Denver Broncos No. 1.

"… The Denver defense was just too good, the best by far in the league through one week," wrote King. "And so the go-get-'em scheme of defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, along with a few very talented pass-rushers, catapults Denver to the top."

The Packers came in at No. 2, followed by the Patriots at No. 3.

2. Sports Illustrated captures Broncos Country

A Sports Illustrated photographer captured the epitome of Broncos Country Sunday afternoon. A season ticket holder for 49 years, Ron Barstad proudly wears a Broncos prosthetic leg.

3. In case you missed it…

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