The Squeeze: Olympic Opening Ceremony

1. Let the games begin! The 2016 Summer Olympics officially began Friday night, and several Broncos were tuned in with the rest of the world.

We asked some #Broncos what they would be good at (or bad at) in the @Olympics.

⌚️ — Broncos TV (@BroncosTV) August 5, 2016

Any Sooners in the olympics? #Boomer — Donald Stephenson (@Don59Wayne) August 6, 2016

2. I got it from my momma Broncos tackle Russell Okung is well known for his advocacy work in education, specifically STEM, and we can see where it stems from!

3. Braving enemy territory

The Carolina Panthers held a fan fest Friday night and one brave Broncos fan entered enemy territory representing the orange and blue.

4. ICYMI ...

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