The Squeeze: Nuggets make Miller's hoop dreams come true


1. Hoop dreams

An avid NBA fan, Von Miller has visited a few Nuggets games so far this season, and he caught the team's Wednesday-night showdown with the Atlanta Hawks. Though the Nuggets didn't come out on top, Miller was still a winner as the team gave him a personalized jersey.


2. Continuing community work

Even though the season's over, Brandon Marshall hasn't finished his work in the Denver community.

3. A special endorsement

Former Colts punter Pat McAfee had some kind words to share about the Broncos' new special teams coordinator, Tom McMahon, who coached McAfee in Indianapolis.

4. Across the pond

Emmanuel Sanders and Super Bowl 50 adversary Josh Norman will be taking a trip to the United Kingdom to meet up with fans in Scotland, England and Wales.

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