The Squeeze: New Broncos teammates welcome Noah Fant to Denver

Take a look at Noah Fant's day at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, Tennessee, from stepping onto the red carpet to greeting Broncos Country for the first time.

Today's Squeeze is all about one thing, of course — the newest Bronco, Noah Fant. After Denver drafted him with the 20th-overall pick, it didn't take long for his teammates to welcome him to his new home.

Broncos players weren't the only people excited about the pick. A couple of Broncos Hall of Famers were, too — and not just the man who made the pick.

Though it'll still be a while until we see Fant really don the orange and blue, we were able to get a digital glimpse of what that might look like, thanks to "Madden NFL 20." That'll tide us over for a while, but we can't wait for the real thing.

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