The Squeeze: Miller joins CBS NFL Seminar

1. Miller joins CBS NFL seminar

Early Tuesday morning, Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller joined the CBS NFL production team seminar in New York via Skype to answer questions from Jim Nantz and Phil Simms about the 2016 Denver Broncos and everything he's been up to since hoisting the Lombardi last February.

"We're just getting ready," Miller said. "This team is led by the locker room. The leadership in our locker room is getting everybody ready to go just taking it one day at a time. We've got one more preseason game and we want to close the preseason off right before we get started on the regular season."

The biggest storyline of the Broncos' preseason was officially laid to rest Monday when Head Coach Gary Kubiak announced that Trevor Siemian would be the starting quarterback. When asked for his thoughts on the decision, Miller said he's behind his quarterback 100 percent.

"He had a Hall of Famer last year in front of him and I think he learned from Peyton [Manning]. I think he learned from Brock [Osweiler] also," Miller said. "Coming into this season, I was comfortable with [Trevor] competing for the quarterback position. In practice, he's made all the throws, he's made all the checks. It's just time for him to go out in games and do it. I'm comfortable with it and he has my full support."

On the other side of the ball, the Broncos defense believes it can be even better than it was last year. Miller attributes this mentality and the defense's success to Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips' ability to manage the variety of players on the roster.

"I think Coach Phillips is the perfect coach for the type of personalities that we've got on defense, and we've got a lot of personalities from Chris Harris Jr. to Aqib Talib to DeMarcus [Ware] to T.J. Ward to Kayvon Webster to Derek Wolfe," Miller said. "He does a great job of keeping everybody on the same page, keeping everybody focused. He's a great manager of personalities in the locker room. Our defense goes through him."

Outside of football, Miller also talked about his crazy offseason, admitting that Dancing with the Stars is harder than an NFL training camp, and revealing what he bought after signing his new contract. Spoiler: he had to go shoot a commercial for Monday Night Football and ended up just spending money on a family vacation.

Finally, Miller addressed what everyone wanted to know — how ready is he to face Cam Newton and the rest of the Carolina Panthers in nine days?

"I'm pretty excited. It's the game that the whole nation wants to see."

2. D-Ware gets a new toy?

When Von Miller isn't on video conferences with national broadcasting crews, he's apparently hanging out with DeMarcus Ware in the locker room, but he looks a little different ...

3. ICYMI ...

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