The Squeeze: Manning one of the NFL greats and Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday, #BroncosCountry –

We hope you're enjoying your day so far and, if you live in Denver, that you're staying warm on this snowy day. The Broncos were back at practice today, so here are a couple of things to get caught up on, starting with our quarterback:

1. Manning named one of the greatest NFL players of all time
Quarterback Peyton Manning has been voted the third-greatest NFL player of all time, according to the Harris Poll.

The results come from the Harris Poll of "2,368 general population U.S. adults, along with representative oversamples of 511 Hispanic Americans (interviewed in English and Spanish) and 179 Asian Americans (interviewed in English), surveyed online between September 9 and 17, 2015." 

Manning ranks No. 3 behind Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at No. 2 and Hall-of-Famer Joe Montana at the top spot. In the last poll in 2009, neither Brady nor Manning were even ranked.

But this poll comes on the heels of the Harris Poll's ranking of greatest American Athletes that came out earlier this month. In that poll, Manning ranked the No. 5 greatest athlete ever and Brady ranked No. 9.

2. Sanders throws it back
Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders always seems to have the best pictures for Throwback Thursday, and today wasn't any different:

3. In case you missed it …

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